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live life passionately
love fervently
dream endlessly
praise God wholeheartedly

DARE to dream,DARE to be free, Reach for the sky. I DARE to be ME.

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Park Hae Jin  as Lee Jung Moon, a brilliant serial killer with an IQ of 160 in the upcoming OCN drama The Wicked <나쁜 녀석들> coming out 10.4

082814 25


5 Minutes to Tomorrow (深夜前的五分钟)

Starring Liu Shi Shi, Miura Haruma, and Joseph Chang

082814 59

Zhou Xun   ~ the new bride is pretty in pink and blooming for MADAME FIGARO (China) September 2014

082714 10

Park Shin Hye  ditches her sweet, girl-next-door persona and goes for glam-rock in this BRUNOMAGLI shoot for its F/W 2014 collection

082714 11


Yun Zhong Ge 云中歌 Song in the Clouds…

082714 10


Love at Second Sight (一見不鍾情)

What a gentlemanly thing to do.. hehe XD

082714 45

Li Yuchun  ~   goes for pinstripe suit, fedora and a matching scarf for a casual stroll by the beach for FEMINA (China) September 2014

082614 8
This is the most adorable scene in this drama I love godfrey so much!
Yes, this. And the bromance with Sunny, can’t forget that one! (^ ^)

Godfrey Gao  +  stages of emotion

082614 58

Liu Yifei  as Princess Zhao Lian in the upcoming film OUTCAST <绝命逃亡> 9.26.2014 China release

How can she look this perfect even without photoshop? It’s like she hasn’t aged.

082614 28