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live life passionately
love fervently
dream endlessly
praise God wholeheartedly

DARE to dream,DARE to be free, Reach for the sky. I DARE to be ME.

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Huang Xiaoming   the somber side for BAZAAR MEN (China) October 2014

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The Lost Tomb <盗墓笔记 >

The cast and crew are still in the middle of filming yet stills are already circulating this early to drum up interest for this book adaption which will span for a few years. Talk about a long-term engagement.

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Nobunaga Concerto < 信長協奏曲>  Episode 1

Saburo (masquerading as Nobunaga-sama) tries to get lucky but Kicho won’t have any of him…

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Mystery <秘术/Mi Shu>

Before Li Yifeng and his gang go tomb raiding Ady An, Jiro Wang, Guo Degang, Ning Huanyu etc. beat them to the grave (pun intended).

Pilot date: 11.24.2014

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The Games of Lies <謊言遊戲>  Episode 2

The art of breaking-in according to Sun Zhen and Wei You Liang.

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Puff Kuo  ~ frown or smile? September 2014 photoshoot


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The Empress of China <武则天> Costume

These photos are too beautiful for words. And I’m talking about the costumes…the details, the craftsmanship. Whoever designed them kudos to you.

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Liu Tao

The actress who has recently won Best Performance for an Actress in the 10th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival and the 27th China TV Golden Eagle Award strut her stuff for OK!(China) October 2014 cover story.

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The Crossing <太平轮> releases new posters of the characters in their winter retro fashion

The director shared in one of his interviews that this is his most ambitious (read: EPIC) movie ever made. Color me excited!

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Sound of the Desert (风中奇缘), EP09 Uncut

That cold face of yours, excites my heart even more.

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