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live life passionately
love fervently
dream endlessly
praise God wholeheartedly

DARE to dream,DARE to be free, Reach for the sky. I DARE to be ME.

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Outcast <绝命逃亡>  Character Posters

091814 5


Xian Xia Sword (仙侠剑)

Starring Jiang Yi, Liu Ting Yu, Xu Shen Dong, Shang Yi Sha, Liu Na Ping, Chen Wei Han, and Lu Yu Lin

091814 24

Some of C-ents brightest stars show support for BAZAAR Charity to raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Autism Society

091814 23

Lovestore at the Corner <巷弄裡的那家書店> Episode 21

when a girl throws a tantrum best thing to do is leave her alone….then woo her later…

091714 4

Rainie Yang  on her 30th graces the cover of ELLE (Taiwan) September 2014 plus BTS

091714 139

South of the Clouds <北回归线> with Aarif Lee and Huang Ling

091714 23

Shawn Dou  ~  for MEN’S Uno October 2014

091614 2

For Love or Money <露水红颜/Hong Yuan Lu Shui>

Featuring: Rain, Liu Yifei, Joan Chen, Wang Xuebing, Tang Yan, Andy On

Release date: 11.7.2014

091614 31


Trailer has been released! 

(via hkctvdramas)

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”Someone once said, go too far from home and you will lose your roots. Kill too many people and you will forget yourself. If you die in battle, your life will sink into the ground like rain and vanish without a trace.”

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