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live life passionately
love fervently
dream endlessly
praise God wholeheartedly

DARE to dream,DARE to be free, Reach for the sky. I DARE to be ME.

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Billion Dollar Inheritors <億萬繼承人/Yi Wan Jichengren>

The title actually translates to “Billionaire Heir” which in my opinion is a better English title so I don’t understand why they opted for this mouthful. This is not the “Chinese version” of “Heirs”, you know, that Lee Min-ho starrer. so don’t get confused. But I think, there might be a few similarities. Though I might actually check this one out. The story is pretty simple. An heir who feels abandoned despite his 10 billion dollar inheritance. (Whut?!) So he decided to find happiness elsewhere….

Featuring: Choi Siwon, Yu Xiaotong, Kan Qing Zi. Kim Heesun, Jiang Jie mong, Zhang Liang

Pilot date: ?? 2014

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