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Meteor Shower 3 <流星雨3/Liuxing yu 3> Started Filming

Recently the production of Meteor Shower 3 or Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower has started rolling with the main lead Zhang Han back on board as the uber rich conglomerate heir Murong Yun Hai. Surprisingly, the female lead Zheng Shuang  is M.I.A. (rumor has it that the romance of the two stars has fizzled but it couldn’t have been the reason, right?) Intead, cute Taiwanese actress Gui Gui assumes the female lead. Hooray! New actors were also signed on to play the other  F4 hotties namely, Zhang Yunlong, Fan Shiqi, and M4M resident cutie Fangyilun a.k.a. Alen, rest assured all these guys are goodlooking, probably even better in my opinion.

I was a fan of the Japanese version with Matsu Jun and Inoue Mao, who are getting hitched sometime this year or so I heard. And even more a fan of the Taiwanese version with Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan. But to be honest, I was not a fan of the C-version still this new cast is making me a bit excited for this.

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